Authorship Guidelines

Write for the Matrix Marketing Blog!

Are you interested in sharing your SEO, PPC, Dev, Social Media or Content Marketing knowledge with a large scale audience? Are you qualified to write about hot topics such as: WordPress, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and Web Design?

Matrix Marketing is looking for guest writers who are passionate about online, content marketing, to contribute to our blog once a month. We are searching for writers who are excited to share their experiences, their knowledge and furthermore, who are not afraid to address and solve complex problems for our readers.

Providing useful, relevant and current information is imperative for engaging our readers and prospective clients. In addition, we are looking for content that will prove beneficial to our already existing clients, as well.

We are selective in regards to the kind of content we publish on our blog. Topic’s such as “5 Tips to Great SEO” or “10 Ways to Enhance your Marketing Strategy” are engaging titles but those topics have been widely overused.

We are looking for fresh, innovative ideas, new theories, in depth case studies, and serviceable content that our target audience will digest and gain a better understanding of what we do and why they should work with us in accomplishing their goals.

Here are Examples of Articles/Topics we Want to See:

We love case studies and client successes that our readers can learn from such as tutorials, step-by-step guides, easy to follow and original info-graphics and ways to solve real world problems.

Each guest author gets a short bio (a few sentences) on their authorship page where they can link to their company, blog, Twitter or G+ account. However, in order to maintain editorial standards, our post must not promote the companies that you work for or have an ongoing business relationship with.

Content Should Be:

  • High quality, original posts with new insight
  • Based on facts, research and report findings, rather than feelings or personal preferences
  • Minimum of 350 word count
  • Current information with the ever evolving technological advances and trends

Guidelines to Follow:

  1. If you mention a company you have an association with currently or in the past, you must communicate this to us.
  2. DO NOT use copyrighted images without owner approval and photo credit given.
  3. Any links must be to high quality sites only.

Again, you will be allowed two links of your own, to quality non spammy sites, as well as your WordPress gravatar picture displayed in your bio, so make it a good one! We look forward to working with you. Please contact us HERE  to get started.