SEO 101 Video Training

Featuring David Brown

David was hired to create these videos back in March of 2008. He recently acquired the licensing rights to the videos and is presenting the series, here in their entirety, with no charge to you. Because search engines evolve and our practices change, some of this information is no longer applicable in 2015. However, it is a great overview of SEO 101 with tons of outstanding information that is still relevant today.

After a brief introduction into what this series will be covering, please dive right in. If at any time there is something that doesn’t make sense to you or causes you to have questions, please make note of them and contact us with the link provided at the end of the series and we will do our best to answer them for you. Let’s get started!

This next video, (Class 1) discusses: researching your niche, the importance of putting together a business plan, and white boarding or story boarding to brainstorm ideas for making your business plan come into fruition. In addition, David discusses Google ads and the importance of becoming an authoritative figure with your blogging content, which will drive traffic to your site so that people will either click on the ads or become coveted conversions in selling your niche.

This next video, (Class 2) discusses the biggest backbone to building any website, which is your keyword research. David walks you through building your keyword “Seed List” and the advantages it will provide to you, in stomping your competition. He elaborates on how to search your competitors metadata for their keyword tags, to assist you in competing for the top spot on Google.

This next video, (Class 3) further discusses the importance of keyword research, helping you to define and clarify the content you will need to flesh out your website. This class also discusses researching, selecting and securing your website’s domain. In addition, David helps you to understand the difference between branded and non-branded domains.

This next video, (Class 4) David continues his discussion about securing your domain and why the, .com sites benefit  you when securing your domain versus the .net or other domains offered. The discussion moves into choosing a proper web-host and the importance of .htaccess control.

This next video, (Class 5)  discusses: building your website, the different platforms to choose from, information architecture and content planning. He elaborates as to why WordPress, (WP) is a great platform, with special regards to content rich websites and as a free/opensource choice. Another free/opensource platform discussed more for online stores and eCommerce sites, is Magento.

This next video, (Class 6) David busts out his handy, dandy flowchart, to further discuss and demonstrate website architecture. This video finally moves into On-site SEO, which is what all of the previous videos have been leading up to! In addition, he discusses the minimum word counts for putting out quality and Google crawl-able and index-able content, as well as, bringing the previous keyword research teachings, to tie the two topics together.

This next video, (Class 7) further discusses: the importance of On-site SEO, the tactics involved for proper On-site SEO and anchor texts. Some of the information in this video is outdated, so please bare in mind that as technology evolves, practices change. Have questions as to what in this video has evolved? Jot them down and contact us at the end of this series.

This next video, (Class 8) moves the discussion from On-site to Off-site SEO. Off-site SEO is about 90% of your job to get you into top Google ranking, so this is a particularly important class in the series. In addition, David discusses social media outlets with an emphasis on Twitter. Disregard the information about automated direct messages on Twitter, as that is so 2008 and here in 2015, will likely get you an immediate unfollow! Further discussion includes: analytics, webmaster tools, ABT, (always be testing) link bait tactics and tracking.

This next video, (Class 9) discusses Google analytics for tracking your website’s visitors. In addition David discusses: tracking, the analytics dashboard and your sites conversion rates. There is discussion about unique visitors and their importance, in regards to traffic to your site. This video again touches on ABT, (always be testing) while revisiting everything you have learned already about On-site and Off-site SEO and fine tuning those teachings.

This next video, (Class 10) is the final installment of the SEO 101 video series. David wraps up the series by discussing everything social media. Some of this information is outdated; however social media itself, is an imperative part of your SEO marketing plan. The big social media outlets that deserve your attention today are: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and YouTube. Naturally depending on your personal niche, other outlets such as: Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn may prove beneficial to your business plan.

We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from this series. Please tell your friends and use the share buttons below! SEO is a key element to your business plan for achieving: Google ranking, quality content, driving traffic to your website and ultimately getting you the conversions you need to prosper in your business.

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David is no longer doing the SEO 101 Podcast; however, he is currently hosting a podcast at Geeks Round Table  with Ryan Sharrer and Fabio Cuffaro. Join them every Thursday live at 1:00 PM (PST) 4:00 PM (EST) where they will be covering topics including: Social Media, SEO, PPC, Dev, Design and much more! Ask a question and they will do their best to answer it for you, live on air.