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We work with clients ranging from Mom & Pop's to INC500's and everything in between. While we can't be everything to everyone, we would love to hear from you and see if we're a good fit. And don't worry if we're not, we have lots of friends that could be perfect for you!


We're a group of geeks with over 60yrs combined experience that loves what we do! We're passionate about what we do, we live and breathe #geek

Crazy and Coding

Not sure how to pull off your vision? Call us and we'll see if we can't just blow your socks off!


There's #BrainPower in numbers! The difference between a winning campaign and a dud is often a different angle... Share your vision and see what kind of creative spin we can put on it.

Our experience

We've been on the Internets for quite a while now, and we've noticed some major changes. In 2015 mobile friendly design is a MUST! According to IBM, mobile traffic accounted for 45% of all online traffic from Nov. 1-Dec. 31, up more than 25% from a year ago. RDFa (or Resource Description Framework in attributes) AKA the Social Semantic web will continue to drive larger click shares for 1st page SERP's. In addition the relationship between PPC & SEO will continue to drive assisted conversions. Not sure what any of this means? Pick up the phone and talk with us for free! We'd love to show you what's being done well in your vertical.

Global Mobile Data
State of the Linked Open Cloud Diagram
  • SEO
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • RDFa
  • PPC


We will Literally take a stab at anything, but we prefer to work on AWESOME projects!

  • True Lipids
    SEO | PPC | Branding | PR

    Cheryl Lee MD is a past Fellow at National Institutes of Health and Inventor of TrueLipids skin care line. While still new in the skin care niche we've made amazing strides and will continue to move the site(s) and company to the forefront of Derm!

  • Bed Bath World
    SEO | PPC | Dev

    Bed Bath World, previously Bed Bath Store came to us in Google Penalty after paying their previous SEO company over $80k to eventually put them in penalty! We are 'Officially' out of penalty and migrating to a much nicer Magneto install.

  • Rack Solutions
    SEO | PPC

    Rack Solutions is the largest manufacturer of Server Racks in the United States. With offices in the UK and Canada it's easy to say they're the world leader. SEO & PPC on this project with constant year over year wins!

  • Get My Homes Value

    With a monthly PPC spend of $75k and ZER0 Organic traffic David was brought on to fight Zillow and Caldwell Banker for a coveted 1st page Google SERP. One of the only times 3rd place is acceptable (when your budget is a few million short). Resulted in an INC500 award and 440% increase in revenue.

  • Survival Warehouse
    Google Penalty Package

    A lot of our clients come to us in penalty. This is one of them. Three link audits and disavow's, re-inclusion requests and BAM! Out of penalty... 60 day turnaround on this one.

  • HexBugs
    SEO Consulting | PPC

    If you have kids you've no doubt heard of Hexbugs. Our current PPC program is returning stellar ROI!

  • Green Field Puppies
    SEO | PPC | RDFa

    GreenField Puppies is one of our favorite success stories for RDFa. Before even starting SEO we implemented RDFa and it was like turning on a stadium light! Well over 100k+ Unique visitors per month helped turn them into the powerhouse they are today.

  • Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
    SEO | Branding | PR

    Dr. Ann Louise Gittlemans wildly successful Fat Flush book and system!

Geeks Round Table

  • Today I (David Brown) will be speaking with Joe Beaulaurier of about his recently published blog post “And Again, The Press Release is Dead.” Among other things we’re going to have some Black Friday / Cyber Monday… Cyber Tuesday(?) chat. And really… anything else is fair game as Ryan and Fabio are playing hooky today.

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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  • In today’s episode Ryan covers security from an angle you probably wouldn’t expect… Fabio walks you through taking the first steps when setting up your AdWords account, and as promised here’s the links to the Golden Triangle Research (2005 – 2011) And the new research that was just released! Do yourself a favor and READ IT!

    Golden Triangle Update

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  • Join the gang every Thursday at 1pm (PST)/4pm (EST) for the latest in Geek

    Geeks Round Table

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  • In this episode Ryan and I discuss Online Security, why most people don’t have it and what they can do about it! We covered Facebook and how to button up some of the loose ends, Twitter, HR people cyber stalking you prior to an interview, Edward Snowden saying that Dropbox is crap and to go get a free account at!

    Security – Why you don’t have it and what you can do about it

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  • Today you will hear Fabio talk about the relationship between PPC and Analytics, he will cover how they complement one another and how to properly use them together. Ryan will tackle the old “security by obscurity” issues, is that really security and how to better protect your WordPress to prevent possible attacks. Dave will cover how you too can eat like the stars & what he had for lunch.

    WordPress Security – PPC Advertising – Page Rank Dies

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SEO can be a bit overwhelming with the plethora of noise on the web. That's why we also offer SEO Consulting. In most cases one of our Top SEO Consultants can jump on a meeting and quickly help you decide what path you need to take.

If you can read this - you're our kind of geek

Some people have a 9-5 job, that's not us. We live, eat and breathe this stuff!


According to Albert Einstein the definition of Insanity is "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Our mantra "ABT!" (always be testing).

Social Semantic Web

The Social Semantic Web can be seen as a Web of collective knowledge systems, which are able to provide useful information based on human contributions and which get better as more people participate.


While Matrix is still in it's first year of existence.. We are pioneers in several of our verticles and will only get bigger and better as we bring on key individuals and awesome clients!

David Brown - SEO Chief in GEEK

Matrix is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial problem solving team with a proven track record, having extensive experience in innovative team player situations. Our dynamic, results-oriented, ‘out-of-the-box’ synergy will leave you motivated and coming back for more!



Take the Red Pill


We offer a wide variety of services. If you're unsure what you and your team are in need of, please contact us.


For us SEO (AKA Search Engine Optimization) is anything we can do to help drive laser targeted droves of buyers to your site. On site optimization, link audits, site audits, and consulting are just a few of the fancy words we use around here. We also like a healthy dose of some cutting edge tech… That’s why we use RDFa! *Recommended by 9 out of 10 internet doctors.


Pay-Per-Click advertising is most commonly referred to as Google’s AdWords. A lot of SEO companies are all about the Organic results. We like those too; BUT PPC done in conjunction properly with a well rounded Organic SEO campaign will make you a believer too! Most of our clients enjoy a 400% ROI when taken daily. *Side effects may include: Much higher rankings, targeted visitors, assisted conversions, and a big boost of web-self-esteem!


Responsive sites built in HTML5 are our favorite. Our developers and designers have more than 40yrs combined experience working on every kind of project you could possibly imagine! We love WordPress & Magento platforms, but we’ll work with anything except for .asp sites (because we care about our customers). Have a project in mind? Fill out the form below and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate staff and see what we can do for you!

Content Marketing

As Search engines grow and algorithms evolve we have quickly come to understand exactly what Google wants. It’s simple really. Create high quality content that helps your sites viewers! Having informative, quality content that posts regularly to your site is an important part of bringing people back to it. It also serves as a sharable resource for people to spread your link to their social media outlets, in turn bringing your site new traffic.


There has been an explosion of mobile device usage in recent years. Everything from an IPad, tablet and smartphone constitute as a mobile device. Mobile friendly responsive sites with built in HTML5/CSS3 are necessary for a positive user experience. A speedy responsive website is key and adapts to future devices. A responsive design is preferred for SEO and Google. Google will penalize a site that is non-mobile responsive or non-mobile friendly. Avoid the penalty and give us a call!


From Fortune 500 to INC 500 to Mom and Pops, that sell everything from blue widgets to green widgets and everything in between. Whether you are looking to move from your current platform to a newer current platform or have an idea for a site; give us a call and we will connect you with an experienced Ecommerce team member to point you in the right direction.


While we have worked with hundreds of different clients over the years, (and love them all) here in the words of Bill and Ted are our most excellent adventures...


We’re so optimistic, we go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with us. ~Zig Zigler

David Brown
David Brown

President / Founder

David Brown

President / Founder

David is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial problem solver with a proven track record having extensive experience in innovative team player situations. His dynamic, results-oriented, ‘out-of-the-box’ synergy will leave you motivated and coming back for more!

Melanie Manson

Content Specialist

Melanie Manson

Content Specialist

Melanie (AKA Red) has been David's better half for more than a decade now...All the while helping in the background. While she won't call herself an SEO expert, she by proxy, knows more than most of the kids out there calling themselves "SEO Experts" after a few short months in the industry. Melanie works with Liz to make sure our content is on the mark and we get the best ROI we can for our clients!

Ryan Sharrer
Ryan Sharrer

Development Manager

Ryan Sharrer

Development Manager

Ryan is a resourceful, innovative and experienced Internet professional with over 13 years experience managing and developing online presences, web services, database security and various functions for several companies across diverse industries. He is a respected leader of creative teams, multimedia divisions and corporate communication departments. Conceptualize, execute and maintain secure, online environments that serve the customer’s needs effectively, efficiently and economically. Ryan has proven leadership in developing, managing and adding synergy to projects that require a team worker, a team leader or a subject matter expert and the delivery of new capabilities for various web applications.

Fabio Cuffaro
Fabio Cuffaro

PPC Rockstar

Fabio Cuffaro

PPC Rockstar

Fabio Cuffaro is a PPC specialist that has been active in online marketing since 2003. Throughout the years he has had experience in web development that includes web design and coding. Having built a network of sites and marketing them through different mediums such as Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Email, Social and PPC, he has gained extensive knowledge in on-site user experience, lead generation and marketing as a whole. Fabio has one true passion when it comes to online marketing: PPC and data analysis. Having had experience in so many areas, Fabio has chosen PPC and data analysis as his path. Recognizing his talent and honing in on his skills, he has dedicated himself to achieving excellence in this area of marketing.


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