David Brown

President, SEO Chief in Geek.

David is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial problem solver with a proven track record having extensive experience in innovative team player situations. His dynamic, results-oriented, ‘out-of-the-box’ synergy will leave you motivated and coming back for more!

Melanie Brown

Content Manager

Melanie (AKA Red) has been David’s better half for more than a decade now…All the while helping in the background. While she won’t call herself an SEO expert, she by proxy knows more than most of the kids out there calling themselves “SEO Experts” after a few short years in the industry. Melanie works with our content developers and editors to make sure our content is on the mark and we get the best ROI we can for our clients!

Chantell King

Link & Content Editor extraordinaire 

Chantell is a stay at home mom to an eccentric little girl. When the floors haven’t turned to hot lava, and zombies happen to be napping Chantell spends her time reading as much as she can. She is full of absolutely random facts and enjoys bringing them up in the most sarcastic ways possible.

Alex Barger

CTO, and resident crypto guru

Alex Barger – What to say about this guy? I’ve worked with him at an INC500 company that we made an INC500 AGAIN the 2nd year by almost triple!!! He’s built robots to take the garbage out at his house, taught me how to make home-brewed beer, and generally been one of the best guys in the world to call my Best Friend. If it needs doing, and you don’t know how… Having Alex on our call will get it figured out!

Kristine Schachinger

Audit Goddess and Resident Infosec.

Ben Stier

Video expert, Creative director

Ben is one of the most amazing video, producer, directors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We’ve worked on several projects over the years, Including Knights of Mayhem on the History channel, Will it Blend videos and countless corporate videos. 2018 is the year of video… What can we do together? Want to see one of his reels? Check this out!

Fabio Cuffaro

PPC Rockstar
Fabio Cuffaro is a PPC specialist that has been active in online marketing since 2003. Throughout the years he has had experience in web development that includes web design and coding. Having built a network of sites and marketing them through different mediums such as Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Email, Social and PPC, he has gained extensive knowledge in on-site user experience, lead generation and marketing as a whole. Fabio has one true passion when it comes to online marketing: PPC and data analysis. Having had experience in so many areas, Fabio has chosen PPC and data analysis as his path. Recognizing his talent and honing in on his skills, he has dedicated himself to achieving excellence in this area of marketing.

Brian Hardy

Lead Design, some dev

Brian is my go-to-guy for Design… for a couple of reasons. Not to mention that he just won ‘Best in the NW” for design for his second year in a row! Brian has one of those ‘can do’ attitudes and while that may not mean much on a bio page… It means the world to me as a business owner who’s worked with some really obnoxious web designers over the years. Brian is fast, efficient, listens to clients wants and needs, and most importantly delivers on TIME! You can check out some of his work at FizzPopMedia.com


Tia Lloyd

Link & Content Editor extraordinaire 

Tia and her husband both grew up with David in the beautiful PNW. Friends since the 80’s David tapped Tia to help with one of his first websites back in 2004 – ever since then he’s leaned on her for her editing superpowers, and keen ability to make almost any situation positive! A mother of 2 and soon-to-be-published author Tia’s creativity never ceases to amaze me and help our clients!

Who We Are

Some people have a 9-5 job, that’s not us. We live, eat and breathe this stuff!

We Are Different

According to Albert Einstein the definition of Insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Our mantra “ABT!” (always be testing).

Social Semantic Web

The Social Semantic Web can be seen as a Web of collective knowledge systems, which are able to provide useful information based on human contributions and which get better as more people participate.

Company History

We are pioneers in several of our verticals and will only get bigger and better as we bring on key individuals and awesome clients!

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