2014 Wrap-up All the greatest things we used, found, & played with in 2014

Ryan & David  talk about all the coolest geeky stuff they found and played with in 2014. Some apps, some services, and the usual humor that come with Dave & Ryan being on the same show.

Here’s the link dump from everything David & Ryan discussed on today’s show:

  • OpenSourceCMS play with all sorts of demos of CMS or ecommerce platforms
  • Tab Snooze it is a chrome add-on pretty cool to close a tab till later
  • Nimble Contact managment + Social
  • URL shortner & much more-
  • Nuzzel News thingy!
  • Blesta Hosting billing system
  • Cloud 9 Online IDE
  • Tweet Deck
  • Jetpack (WordPress Plugin)
  • Fiverr is okay for some design stuff DO NOT BUY LINKS (unless of course you’d like to take a look at our ‘out of penalty package’)

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