Tying Offline and Online Marketing Together

No matter how awesome your marketing may be, you’ll never achieve maximum results until you tie your marketing channels together.

It’s easy to use social media to boost your SEO campaign, and it’s easy to use organic SEO to boost your email list signups. It can be a lot more difficult to use your offline marketing to boost your online marketing.

Difficult does not mean impossible though, and it’s definitely worth the effort. The key is identifying your goal, and then tailoring your marketing efforts in each channel to achieve that goal.

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Google to Rank Facts not Links?

With Google recently doing away with page rankings, it was only a matter of time before they announced a new way to score a websites page. Google’s current search engine tracks the number of incoming links to a website as a proxy that determines where the site will appear in search results. The downside of this is that websites that are linked to often will rise in the rankings, regardless of their quality or the amount of bad information represented on them as truth. This has helped several garbage sites achieve front page results, in place of sites more deserving of holding that coveted spot.

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