5 Free Tools to Boost Traffic!!!

There are tons of tools available for boosting web traffic out there. Many of them are paid tools; however, there are several free tools available to you. Below are five free apps that will help to achieve that boost:

buffer-logo1. Buffer

Buffer, is one of my favorite tools to use for scheduling content posts to all of my social media venues. The free version, allows for 10 scheduled posts at a time, per social media account. There is a Google Chrome extension that makes this app fast, easy and efficient. When you are out surfing the net and stumble upon content you deem share worthy, you can add it the queue and schedule the time that you would like to share it.

I don’t know about you, but often times, I find myself discovering content late at night and it makes no sense to post it to my LinkedIn account or Tweet about it at midnight. Who else would see it? Exactly! This tool makes it possible to schedule content during peak times on social media sites including: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

google-analytics-logo2. Google Analytics

While there are other tools for monitoring your analytics, I recommend Google Analytics for accomplishing this task. It is a free tool that allows for you to monitor your traffic, bounce rates, conversions, run reports, keep a record of your data and see what articles or pages your traffic is viewing. Why is that important? Because when you can track what is bringing in traffic (and converting), you can focus your attention on producing similar content in those areas. Marketing without analytics is like driving without a destination, you don’t know where you are going or where you are going to end up.

crowdfire-logo3. Crowdfire

Implementing a follow-unfollow strategy with your Twitter account is important for maintaining it properly. How many times has someone followed you, engaging you to follow them back, only to discover they immediately unfollow you once you follow them? My bet is, way too often. This is a strategy some people utilize to get their Twitter following up; however, in my opinion, it is a shady way to make friends. Especially, if they are offering a service or product. How can they expect you to take heart in anything they have to say, when they aren’t courteous enough to extend you a simple follow?

Crowdfire, is a free tool that presents data on who is following you, who you are following and who has recently unfollowed you. This makes unfollowing those who have unfollowed you, much easier than manually, scrolling through pages upon pages of people and unfollowing them individually. This will help you to clean up your Twitter feed and network with those who are actively networking with you.

canva-logo4. Canva

Canva is a free tool to help you design images. We have already established that content with images, receive 94% more engagement, social shares and page visits, so having the ability to design images is imperative to boosting your web traffic. Canva allows for you to upload pictures, resize, design and create text on the image. Size is relevant when sharing images. In fact, different social media platforms cater to different sized images. A Twitter image is more wide, whereas Pinterest is more vertical in length.

ifttt logo5. IFTTT

IFTTT is an acronym for, If this then that. After you register, you can connect your social media and RSS feed and add a recipe (rule) that will help you to cross post your content or blog posts on all of your social accounts. Who has time to actively post to their Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all other venues, all day? I know I don’t! In addition, you can browse hundreds of recipes that others have created and gain ideas for your next blog posts. This will help you to monitor your competition. How does this boost traffic? Because IFTTT automates the process of social shares for you.

There are several other tools you can check out that will help you to boost traffic. Research and try a few out. They are free to you and promote themselves as being resourceful for web traffic, so why wouldn’t you?