Why Aren’t People Reading My Blog?

As a writer, one of the most unfortunate experiences I have dealt with is, feeling like you have written pure gold, but not having an audience to appreciate it. It can become frustrating when you have poured your heart, soul, research and knowledge, into a project without receiving any feedback or social shares. It might leave you questioning, Why aren’t people reading my blog?

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3 Infographics to Make You a Better Blogger

Infographics are a great resource to utilize for painting a clearer picture of the information you are outlining within an article. Below are three infographics that I believe will be helpful for you, in becoming a better blogger.

#1- The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post

In an infographic created by Neil Patel, of Quicksprout, the six elements that make a blog post more powerful are outlined for us neatly. The points I loved most in this helpful tool were these facts: “articles with images get 94% more views” and “around 175,000 blogs are added to the internet daily.” While I have incorporated the image statistics in previous articles, the new daily blog count number was a new statistic for me. It really puts in perspective, the importance of marketing your content and implementing proper SEO.

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11 Answers to Why WordPress?

WordPress is currently the leading software available for bloggers. It is free, well-designed and easy to navigate through. Due to it’s rapidly growing popularity, tens of thousands of web developers have produced themes and plugins that work with WordPress, many of which are completely free to the user. If your business or eCommerce site runs on another platform, you should still opt to utilize WordPress as your blogging software and here’s why:

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