Good Content – is it a lost art?

content-is-kingContent is King. We’ve all heard that nugget of information and for the most part, it is true. The problem being that there is a lot of truly bad content out there, not to mention misinformation, crap and downright lies. What tends to happen then is that content is a mix of regurgitated posts of good content, along with opinion. And everyone has an opinion.

All is Lost?!

I think the invention of the personal blog has had a negative effect on content. The blog made it possible for anyone to write and post their thoughts online. While I applaud the usability of modern blog platforms (I’m looking at you WordPress), it has opened up the road to an over-abundance of content that isn’t all that great.

Stop writing? Not at all! There is still a huge market for GOOD CONTENT.

What is Good Content?

Good content is informational – unless specifically noted otherwise. That said, solid information often lends itself to interpretation and that is ok, too, because often the reader needs some assistance with understanding the topic at hand.

Good content provides value. And I don’t mean value like tabloid material (which has an entertainment value, but I would not call it good content). The value can be interpreted by the reader as in:

Did I learn something about SEO in the article, ‘the art of SEO’? Or did I leave the article with less knowledge than when I started?

Did that web development post make sense and clear up some questions?

Good content engages. This is the big one. If no one reads your amazingly informational web design article, then who cares? Engagement often happens after a few posts because as a writer of good content, you have to make them want to read again. Not only that, but you have to post regularly.

Tree falling in the woods, tree falling in the woods

If a blog posts on the internet and no one reads it, does it really exist? Effectively, no; because it would be the same as delivering an awesome speech to an empty room. Good content works because it provides information, value and it is engaging. (BTW – did anyone catch the Bart Simpson reference?)

One last thing on good content – writing is a skill and an art. It’s true that anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection can blog their thoughts all over the inter-webs, but that does not make it readable. It just makes it a post. Style of writing makes or breaks engagement. And that is that.