Once upon a time… in the not too distant past I found myself in need of a resume. I remember learning how to make one back in school. I’ve personally looked over hundreds of them when hiring. They all had one thing in common. They’re BORING! The web is changing how we do things…For example:

A new survey from CareerBuilder found that 51 percent of employers who research job candidates on social media said they’ve found content that caused them to not hire the candidate, up from 43 percent last year and 34 percent in 2012. *source

So with HR managers cyberstalking potential employees, and me being a social media whore expert I figured why make 1 more boring old resume? So I decided that (as a marketer and SEO geek) I should make my resume stand out. Granted a lot of the info is old (I haven’t needed to update it in the last 10 yrs – so the phone numbers are dead and I shut down our old archive of SEO 101 podcasts too – I’m fairly certain they’re still on itunes if you need them) – I digress. So I took what the Google SERPs looked like and made it my visual resume! I thought it was cool. Share, steal, whatever’s clever 😉

Dilbert cartoon strip



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