Stumbling Upon StumbleUpon!!!

stumble-uopn-logoRecently, I was enjoying my lunch break and catching up on Twitter activity, when I came across an article on Search Engine Journal called, “15 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Posts (Other Than Facebook And Twitter).” Naturally, I had heard of several of the platforms mentioned and in fact, utilize many of them. However, I had not yet made myself familiar with StumbleUpon. This article enticed my curiosity and I decided to start stumbling.

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Reddit: Your New Blogging Forum?

There are places to share your blog content, other┬áthan Facebook and Twitter! Because these are the most popular social media platforms, sometimes marketers get into a routine of posting there and only there. Why wouldn’t you strive to publish on a site that claims to be the front page of the internet? That’s right. I am talking about Reddit.

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Top 8 SEO Practices in 2015!!!

It’s that time again! I am busy, busy, busy! However, I found this infographic to be filled with relevant SEO information and decided it was worth sharing. This infographic explores the top 8 practices we are seeing in SEO for 2015. It discusses the: importance of keyword conversational phrases, ROI, HTTPS security transitions, content as king, social media shares, brand mentions for link building, mobile friendly (responsive) websites and visual elements and their importance to your content.

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