Reddit: Your New Blogging Forum?

There are places to share your blog content, other than Facebook and Twitter! Because these are the most popular social media platforms, sometimes marketers get into a routine of posting there and only there. Why wouldn’t you strive to publish on a site that claims to be the front page of the internet? That’s right. I am talking about Reddit.

Before I delve into why I believe you might find it beneficial to begin posting on Reddit, let me clarify, it is unlikely your blog post will move to Reddit’s front page. However, there is a sub-forum, also known as a subreddit, for just about anything you can imagine. In fact, they have a subreddit called TheresARedditForThat. This subreddit, encourages Redditors (the site users) to post links to obscure subreddits they have found on Reddit. This practice of sharing oddities, only confirms, there is quite literally, a subreddit for everything. With that being the case, have you explored Reddit, searching for a community that would be characterized as say, your target demographic? If not, why not?

If you are not yet familiar with Reddit, there are a few things you need to be made aware of. The users despise spammy marketers. Why then, would I encourage you to post blog content there? It’s simple. Can you name a place where people love marketers? Unlikely. There is a natural resistance within us, that dislikes the sales calls, email spam, pushy salesman on the car lot and solicited knocks at the door during dinner. However, successful marketing, finds a way around that. With a little patience, research and communication, you can become successful with marketing on Reddit.

When I first became a Reddit user, I was overwhelmed and didn’t get what the big deal was. It seemed difficult to find things. I had no idea what subreddits were, or even what the point was in posting there. Let’s liken your Reddit experience to that of, learning how to drive a car. No one gets behind the wheel, starts the ignition and takes off. First, you must learn how to operate the vehicle, read road signs and become aware of, and respect other drivers out there on the road with you. Not to mention, you have to pass a test that issues you that license to drive! Let’s examine how to pass the Reddit test below.

Reddit Introduction and Survival Tips:

  1. Establish a username that doesn’t scream, hey, I am here to sell you stuff.
  2. south-park-how-the-internet-hurt-yoHave thick skin. Meaning, you will likely encounter some internet trolls within the community and will have to learn to leave them hungry. Do not feed the trolls! Their sole purpose in downvoting your posts and making argumentative statements, is to upset you and engage angry responses. Be the bigger man/woman, or in the words of Frozen’s Elsa, “Let it Go!” Seriously, oh boo freaking hoo, someone didn’t like my post and they made a mean comment. Get over it!
  3. Allow your Reddit account to procure for 90 days, prior to sharing personal blog pieces. This will help to establish credibility within the Reddit community. You need to build your link and comment karma. Continue reading to understand.
  4. Take that 90 days to find your niche, establish your voice and make friends within the subreddits that pertain to your future endeavors there. Are you more likely to read/listen to a friend, or a stranger, about: ideas, sales pitches and advice? Do you know how many times I have ended up at some dreadful candle party or essential oil gathering because the person inviting me was already an established friend? Furthermore, do you know how many of them won me over with ridiculous purchases at the said engagements? Exactly! There is a reason, those distressing parties are still around!
  5. Don’t be a marketer! Take the time to play around in subreddits that have nothing to do with your business dont-be-a-marketeror blog. You have personal television likes and musical interests, right? Visit /r/thewalkingdead and weigh in on last week’s episode. Subscribe to /r/LadyGaga and discuss her latest videos and favorite songs. Of course,
    these are merely examples. Find the subreddits that speak to your personal hobbies, interests and passions in life and establish yourself within those communities. Submit funny memes and favorite lines from your show, when applicable. This will help build your submitted comments and submitted links, karma.
  6. Be aware of individuality. Each subreddit, has its own set of rules on the right hand column of the page. Be mindful of them. Some have an anything goes policy, while others prohibit certain posting, including links to blogs. Find the ones that will allow for you to post blog content.
  7. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” William Edward Hickson. If you have a bad experience, or totally bomb with a post, don’t allow for that to detour you away from trying again. Perhaps, the trolls were out that day. Maybe, you posted in the wrong subreddit. Whatever the reason may be, like all success, it is a matter of trial and error. Learn from your experience and move on.
  8. Be social and respectful of other peoples content. Why would you expect someone to read your content,
    Here's one of David's many smart assed responses that actually got him gilded in the infamous /r/lounge!
    Here’s one of David’s many smart assed responses that actually got him gilded in the infamous /r/lounge!

    if you are never in the subreddit, reading and commenting on theirs? Read other people’s post and give insightful feedback.

  9. Give Reddit Gold! As a token of appreciation, respect or, to simply bless someone,  giving (gilding) Reddit gold can lead to grateful users who might pay attention to your future posts. Reddit Gold, comes with /r/redditgoldbenefits, including easier navigation with comments and entry into the coveted Reddit Gold Lounge (a subreddit only gold users can access). It costs $3.99 to bless someone with a month of gold benefits. In addition, it helps cover the cost of Reddit server time and adds a gilding trophy to your user trophy case!

After you have implemented your introduction and survival tips on Reddit, it is time to submit your personal, blog posts. You should already be familiar with the submission form by now (building up your link and comment karma), but let’s take a look at it below:


Note that there is a suggestion at the top that advises, “The key to a successful submission is interesting content and a descriptive title.” There has been research conducted about what grabs Redditor’s attention. Title is important. Be creative and avoid sounding like you are trying to sell something! Once you submit your link, you cannot go back and edit the title. You would need to remove the post and start again. Don’t be in such a hurry to post. Put considerable thought into it. Note the option to choose a subreddit at the bottom of the submission. Be cautious before posting. Know the rules of the subreddit you are posting to prior and make sure your research has lead you to the most appropriate subreddit for your marketing blog link.

If you have followed the guidelines to becoming a relevant member to the Reddit community, and are still not having any success with your marketing endeavors, consider Reddit’s option for advertising.