Top 8 SEO Practices in 2015!!!

It’s that time again! I am busy, busy, busy! However, I found this infographic to be filled with relevant SEO information and decided it was worth sharing. This infographic explores the top 8 practices we are seeing in SEO for 2015. It discusses the: importance of keyword conversational phrases, ROI, HTTPS security transitions, content as king, social media shares, brand mentions for link building, mobile friendly (responsive) websites and visual elements and their importance to your content.

Top 8 SEO Trends to Watch Out this 2015 (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

As the content creator and editor for Matrix, I found the discussion about keyword conversational phrases important. We need to move from going after single terms and two word phrases. The visual content is an absolute must for successful content marketing. Recently, we here at Matrix, have done some A/B testing with images and have found that blog posts with images that are more thought provoking, engaging and personal, receive longer onsite time. In addition, the more the merrier with images.

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