What is Quality Content and Why is it Important?

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Welcome to the new Matrix Marketing site, I apologize for lagging on the blog’s content during our reconstruction. I am back and am here today to discuss what constitutes as, quality content. In addition, I will touch on why content is relevant to your website and the importance of being consistent (irony I realize but let’s move past that and dive in)!

As a content writer and editor, there are several things I encounter daily that are writing DO NOT DO’s including:

  • Redundant use of the same descriptive terms, keywords and phrases.
  • Use of filler words including: just, stuff, got, OK etc.. for a more detailed list visit HERE.
  • Creating doubt for your readers by using words including: maybe, perhaps, and could.
  • Misspellings, grammatical errors and poor punctuation.
  • Misrepresentation by use of improper spelling and meaning of the word. Most commonly: your, you’re, and their, there and they’re. Please learn the difference!

I am guilty of making these mistakes from time to time; however, I am aware that they are to be avoided and strive to learn from my mistakes and move forward with my writing capabilities. Now that I have touched on what not to do, let’s turn our attention on the necessities of quality content.

Why is Content Important for your Website?

It’s simple, Google loves content. Providing a blog or news feed to your prospective customers or site’s visitors, is imperative in ensuring that they will continue to come back. In addition, it is your content that will allow for better average sessions, or time spent on you site, as well as, better bounce rates.

It is your content that inevitably drives web traffic to your site, most commonly through relevant links and social media shares. Once on your site, 52% of consumers have reported the blog content as having impact on their decision to make a purchase, or in SEO speech, become conversions. That is a significant number, over half of your customers telling you that your blog’s content was responsible for making their purchase.

Let’s take a better look at why content is imperative for your website’s success below:


Why is it Important to be Consistent about Publishing Content?

Again, Google loves content and will continue to come back to your site to crawl the content provided. If you stop posting regularly, Google will stop visiting you for awhile and that won’t help you at all with your ultimate goal of achieving Google rankings. As David always says, “we want to keep our frequency set so that we can train Googlebot like Pavlov’s Dog.”

Another aspect to posting regularly, is of course, your customers and prospective consumers. The numbers above, don’t lie. You want conversions, keep posting content. What constitutes as consistent? You’ll want to schedule posts at least twice a week, at the same time your previous articles have been published.

Understanding the best times to post new content online for readers and social shares on each social media venue, is Content-Marketing-Packagesan entirely new discussion that we will delve into at another time; however, a quick Google search will provide you with an abundance of information, pertinent to your site.

Want to know more about content or are looking for someone to help you create the content for your site? Please CONTACT US and we will be happy to put you in touch with the correct member of our team to answer any questions you have, or help you get started with your content marketing package today.