2015- 10 Video Marketing Trends (Infographic)

Video is a valuable source of content. Especially, in our day of mobile devices, mobile users, social networks and media shares. Often times, content marketers forget, that video is an important element to a successful, engaging content marketing plan. Below is an infographic outlining the top 10 video trends of 2015 and some of the major takeaways following it.

Infographic Source

A top selling tool for businesses will be educating target audiences through video. Absolutely, nailed it. Video How-to’s and tutorials are booming with relevance. In fact, YouTube has exploded with tutorials and how-to’s on everything from how to put on eye makeup to how to create a WordPress blog site within one hour.

Interaction is booming on Facebook with their more than one billion video views on an average day! GIFs and Vines are being uploaded and shared regularly. If you haven’t already added video content to your marketing plan, now is the time.

In this day, of modern technology, we multi-task and process information at more rapid rates. While I am working, I may have Netflix running in the background, or some music playing. In addition, I answer emails while eating, check Twitter while singing and sometimes when David (the boss) calls me up for a three hour long phone conversation that involves him ranting and running my brain around to the point of mush, I mute the call and type away while he vents or connects the dots he feels he needs to connect out loud! My point? Our attention spans have grown shorter with all of our technology and gadgets.

Keeping the message short and sweet, is a huge takeaway.  For marketing purposes keep videos around two minutes. People never think they have five minutes, but two minutes, who doesn’t have that? Interactive videos are great.