Old SEO Versus New SEO (Infographic)!!!

As with everything in life, over the years SEO has evolved and changed. With Panda, Penguin and countless other Google updates, what may have been relevant yesterday has become obsolete today.

Neil Patel, one of the top influencers on the world wide web, created the Infographic below: “What SEO Used to Be Versus What SEO Is Now.” I appreciated how on point the information was and opted to share it with our readers today!

What SEO Used To Be Versus What SEO Is Now
Courtesy of: QuickSprout
One of the biggest changes in SEO over the years, is content marketing. It is imperative for successful, organic results and it works. Another takeaway is the importance of keyword phrases and intent versus singular keywords. Another key takeaway is the shift of content created strictly for the search engines, to more personable content creation that provides real value to it’s audience.
If you look at the graph above, you’ll notice that 88% of the companies that use SEO integrate content marketing into their strategy. – Neil Patel 
Link building is still relevant to SEO. However, building spammy backlinks is frowned upon and can slap you with a Google penalty. Only quality backlinks will work. This can be achieved by building relationships.