8 Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Hey friends! I realize we are nearing the half way mark for the year 2015; however, I thought it would be fun to revisit projected trends. And how will I do that? With a freaking awesome infographic, of course! Let’s take a look at it below:

#1- Content Marketing Will Be More Targeted and Personal

This is true. Telling your story, writing as though you are speaking and social media interaction to build relations
with your followers, is prevalent and successful, in the content marketing world!

#2- Content Marketing Will Use More Paid Placements

Native ads are better in generating higher engagement and as much as 82% in brand lift increase.

#3- Content Marketing Will Use More Marketing Automation Tools

As much as 40% of marketing leaders agree to the fact that they need to boost and improve their technologies. One such technology that will be of major use for content marketing in 2015 will be marketing automation tools.

#4- Content Marketing Will Use More Professional Writers

Businesses should focus more on their own content marketing team composed of professional writers and content creators. Content is an extremely important part of any marketing plan. It is in your best interest to use professional writers who can say they same thing one hundred different ways, bring creativity to your brand and think outside of the box to give your brand it’s own edge. Keywords, SEO friendly titles and relevant links, are all part of being a good a professional writer within the content marketing realm.

e book reader and books#5- Content Marketing Will Focus More On Distribution

Digital Marketers should focus more in optimizing their distribution channels to make their precious content reach equally precious targeted audiences.

#6- Content Marketing Will Marry Social Media

It’s about time. One of the biggest annoyances I come across, is this constant battle between content marketer and social media marketers. They are both important for a successful marketing plan! It is time they learned how to start holding hands. Social Media is an important distribution channel; however, without quality content what are they distributing? Exactly, one does not work well without the other.

#7- Content Marketing Will Boom With Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing will soon dominate the digital marketing scene. Yes! New mobile channels are emerging. Make sure your site is mobile responsive. Watch analytics and see for yourself, more people are coming in on tablets and smartphones than a traditional desktop computer.

#8- Content Marketing Will Go Supernova With Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling will definitely boost the chances of your content to stand out from the rest of the mundane contents and get the attention it deserves from target audiences! Images, video and infographics increase on-site time and help reduce bounce rates. Pair content and visuals. This makes for relevant, quality and social media shareable content!

8 Content Marketing Trends for 2015 (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

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