Should My Company Be On Pinterest?

With all of the social media venues available today, it can become difficult deciding where to spend your time investment. While Pinterest has made it’s mark on social media and I don’t foresee it going anywhere anytime soon, a closer look at the statistics, growths and conversions, will stress bigger importance of time investment on Facebook and Twitter, for your primary social media outlets.


If you run a business in fashion, crafting, food, art, wedding and design, you are likely to experience better Pinterest interaction than a business that say, sells blue widgets. The key to being successful is knowing your target audience. Does your target audience scream avid Pinterest users? Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to have Pinterest set up. You never know who may stumble across your blue widgets and give you a conversion but don’t bank on Pinterest replacing Twitter or Facebook in the way of followers, interactions and conversions. Not yet, anyways.

When you set up your Pinterest be sure to incorporate the must have boards in your marketing strategy. If you develop a Pinterest marketing campaign to correlate with your social media and content marketing strategies, be consistent. When you publish new content to the blog, pin it to your blog board. When someone follows you, follow them back and take the extra initiative to repin one of their pins or comment on one. This is especially relevant to businesses who seek out followers. You don’t want to appear robotic or a mindless drone, who is only there to sell blue widgets. Be personable.

Pinterest is growing and has even started offering advertising packages available for businesses. Unless your business fits the Pinterest platform detailed above, I would advise your marketing and advertising money would be better spent on proper SEO, content marketing strategies, Facebook campaigns and AdWords during the initial operations of your plan.