MT. SERP: Slow To Climb Quick To Fall


When it comes to SEO and organic rankings it can be a slow climb to the top. Ranking for keywords and building strong quality links takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. Its not as easy as flipping a switch. It’s a sluggish climb and no one can guarantee you will ever reach the peak. If you think your going to lace up your SEO shoes and race to the top of the SERPs you’re only fooling yourself and your clients. It takes a structured game plan and a constant effort to even begin the climb.

It’s True! Content is King!

Google loves content, after all it is King. If content is King then who is his Queen? There is so much more to the equation than providing good content. You need to prove to Google bot that you can provide great content on a consistent bases. So in the royal house of SEO, linking is queen due to Google cracking down on links in the last couple of years, consistency is the new Queen.  

The Climb to the Top!

So you have great ideas and your motivated. You think to yourself ” I have a vault of ideas and I can provide great content. I know I can be consistent and punctual! I’m going to ascend quickly to the top!!” Hold on Messner! I hate to be a buzz kill but…you want to know the sad part about climbing Mt.SERP? If you take a break, make a misstep or God forbid you lose your footing. The fall can be quick and brutal. If you are unrelenting and provide great content on a regular basis and you abide by Google’s guidelines. In a short time you can see ranking results. Don’t expect to see huge leaps like what you might see coming out of the Google penalty box. Think of it more as a step by step, hand over hand climb.


It’s OK to be a Turtle

The saying “the turtle wins the race” could not be more true when it comes to SEO. Slow and steady is your best bet. Don’t jump out of the gate sprinting like a Kenyan on speed, only to slow your pace after a few weeks or months. It’s true, Google likes great content (remember it’s King and all) but what’s just as important is consistency with that great content ( A King needs his Queen). 

Sure you can write 12 great articles a month, Google bot loves that. But the question you really need to ask yourself is “Can I consistently month after month keep up that pace?” Commence with something manageable. Start with an article a week. Keep that pace for several months. If after month two or three you have been undeviating with your blog posting, then and only then should you slowly increase that number. I can’t stress enough the importance of consistency and being punctual with your postings. Remember you’re training Google bot just like Pavlov’s dog. When you ring that bell there better be a treat, because if there is not, the G bot might break his routine and not come back for a bit, and that will hurt and slow your progress or even set you back.

Don’t forget how you got there!

The climb to the top of Mt. SERP is long, tedious and hard, but once you reach the peak, the view is spectacular. Just remember that your work has just started. Remember what got you there and keep up that steady pace. When you claim king of the mountain and seize that #1 spot, you still have to maintain your footing. One moment you’re celebrating your victory the next you could very well be in free fall.