Writing Lean for the Sharing Scene

content-3One of the key factors of producing quality content, is keeping it short, simple and to making your point. The idea behind the content is to provide a clear, concise message that is of such valued substance, it encourages others to share it; while also coming back to your site, for further content and shares. Having a content strategy is important, prior to it’s creation and distribution.

When creating content, there is conflicting information online concerning words that you shouldn’t use in your text. One article I read suggested that you should never use the word utilize, as it is just a fancy way of saying the word use. Another article suggested that by using the word utilize, rather than the word use, you establish successful, more sophisticated content. So, which is it?

I would suggest that there is room for debate concerning the use of the word utilize; however, a recent article by Entrepreneur, listed 10 words that you should absolutely cut from your writing, to create content that is lean and clean. The List included: Amazing, Just, Perhaps/Maybe, Got, Things, Stuff, Very, Really, Quite and Literally.

The essential take away from this video, is to understand that by removing filler words or other words, that lack in description, your writing will become stronger and more engaging for your readers.

Another factor in content creation is, playing to your audience. With several different social media platforms, it is important to understand how to appeal to your audience on an individual platform basis. The demographics and marketing strategies for your content need to be developed to meet different social media responses.

In addition, visual marketing is equally important. Adding quality images to your content increases your chances of being liked, shared, tweeted and pinned. According to Social Media Examiner, photos account for 75% of what is shared and liked on Facebook, as well as receiving more retweets on Twitter. Meaning, images are responsible for more interaction than content alone.

Finally, for your content’s distribution, ask yourself What is the Ideal Length for Everything Online? Knowing how to share your content with each social media outlet will ensure that you have taken the necessary measures, in creating a strong content and social media marketing plan!


By adhering to these guidelines, you will reach a larger, targeted audience for each realm of your virtual market.